How to Complete a Utility Pole Repair in 30 Seconds

When a vehicular accident severely damaged a utility pole, Exo was called to save the pole and ensure its structural integrity. Watch what goes into a comprehensive utility pole repair in this 30 second time-lapse video.

With a long history in steel pole repair and inspection, Exo was able to quickly and effectively resolve what could have turned into a dangerous and costly dilemma.

Watch as Exo not only remediates the structural damage done to the pole, but ensures the pole's foundation is secure for the long term. In an industry where cutting corners can pose a serious danger, we believe in being stewards of the work we're given and doing it right.

Interested in another example of Exo's history with emergency repairs? View our case study on how Exo handled an emergency repair on newly installed vibratory caisson.

Download the full case study to learn more